International Women's Day
Women's Rights Are Not Special Rights, They're Human Rights!

Women’s Rights Are Not Special Rights, They’re Human Rights.

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By Abiodun Sanusi

International Women’s Day has been observed since the 1900s stemming from a time of political unrest and beginning when 15,000 women marching through New York demanding voting and workers rights. By 2014 record had it that it was celebrated in more than 100 countries, and had been made an official holiday in over 25 countries, including Nigeria.

Women’s Rights Are Not Special Rights, They’re Human Rights!

Today, being International Women’s Day, 2020, we celebrate every Nigerian woman, young or old who has been at the forefront in the struggle for the liberation of Nigerians from the shackles of corrupt politicians and establishments that have continued to keep Nigeria underdeveloped, suppressing and humiliating dissenting voices like these women who have taken it upon themselves to speak truth to power, not minding the negative consequences so long as their people (Nigerians) would be free.

There’d Be No Countries Without Women, Without There’d Be Desolate Continents

Like those in the 1900s, these women have been a major force in the fight for change for a better society. They’ve been a consequential force in every uprising against tyranny, human rights abuse and all other oppressive vices happening around the world in recent times.

Freedom Is Never Given But Taken

Women were also the major force in the fight to End Police Brutality in Nigeria, no wonder they were a driving force that propelled the #EndSARS Protest in Nigeria, bringing the authorities to its knees, and helping put an end to the Special Anti-Robbery, Anti-Kidnapping, and Anti-Cultism department of the Nigeria Police which was notorious for extrajudicial killings, extortion and brutalization of citizens, and harvesting and selling of dead human parts in black markets according to reports.

Happy International Women’s Day!!! #RevolutionNow!!!

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