We Can’t Leave Everything To God, Christian Youth Leader Says

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Anjuwon Oluwole, a Youth Leader and a foremost Christian blogger, has come out to implore Christians not to leave everything to God, but rather take actions to tackle their physical challenges.

He made this conclusion after his encounter with the Electricity Distribution Company (Disco).

He says: Nigerians need to stop leaving things for God. Whenever we are shortchanged by someone or an institution, we have been indoctrinated by everyone to always let go, not to demand justice, and wait for God’s intervention. There is danger in doing this as it has resulted in most Nigerians letting go easily, thus creating a nation where those who should serve us well misbehave.

Our Discos are currently cheating Nigerians as a result of the estimated billing system but as most people are looking away, but I refused. I checked online, made findings on the proper bill we should be paying on NERC’s website, then sent emails with proofs to the Disco serving my area, and not leaving it for God to judge.

Today, I got a reply stating that N11,000+ was mistakenly added to the bill and we will be credited in the next bill. If I had not written and complained, this is how we would have been cheated.

Also, earlier this year a student who scored far above the cut off mark was denied admission by a University and his family wanted to leave it for God. I advised them to write a letter to the management of the institution expressing their grievances. In less than a week, his name was included in the admission list with an apology. Please, next time you are shortchanged by the system and you don’t make noise, send that email or letter and demand for your right, stop disturbing God to fight battles; you should fight. Truly a pen is mightier than the sword.

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