The Ankara Corruption And The Nigerian Elections By Dapo Douglas-Momodu

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Ankara is a type of cotton cloth featuring bright coloured patterns produced by a means of wax-resist dye technique, associated especially with West African fashion according to the Oxford dictionary. The relationship of the habiliment to the Turkey capital city is quite groggy or yet indecipherable as far as the eponym goes.

The Nigerian political class, solemnly established in intractable debasement and fractious prostitution of customs, prosaic gizmos and minutiae has, over the years, though scandalously and shamefully, has outdistanced all known yardsticks of profanity, obscenity and imbecility in attracting opprobrium towards the noble raiment fancied by many, revered by all its faddists and all orthodox local chiffoniers.

Indubitably over the last two decades and pronounce ably since the commencement of the current pernicious democratic order, Ankara has been condemned to being the ambuscade, criminal dragnet and insincere inveiglement for the impoverished voting population at the grassroots level especially, with a contemptible gratuity that ranged from five hundred naira and the recently heightened ten thousand naira, as in the case of Edo State, for transactional procurement of votes of the luckless, enfeebled and miserable people whose infraction alone is their lawful need or desire to participate in the process of choosing their own leaders and representatives at all levels and to fulfil the righteousness of laying credence to the credibility of the democratic procedures and protocol without which a full-fledged brigandage and political barbarism synonymous with fascism and tyranny will ensue in our polity.

All patriotic and innocent Nigerians had long bided goodbye to such mindlessness and instead opted for a potentially promising democracy with its full rigors a very long time ago. The memories of the military eras of gangsterism, endless looting and unquestionable murders of our common wealth and compatriots are debilitating and excruciating. No rational thinking Nigerian will touch those experience with a lengthened or far-reaching cordage.

The middle and the upper or the elites, the stupendously wealthy voting population, the reticent and the clamorous players alike all have an “ANKARA” schemed out for them and unwarily or naively scampered for a piece, in multiple cases, due to their insatiable avarice, irrepressible swinishness, and sheer rapacity, the supposedly exposed and well- endowed goons scramble violently for as many slots as they can corner in the exact picture of the lower leagues at the rung of the ladder.

The culpability of the venerable elder statesmen can’t also be excused in the Ankara sharing iniquitous routine. A different stroke applies to diverse hordes was/is key in fashioning the applicable, befitting and copacetic model of their pestiferous Ankara for them to look the other way in acquiescence to the reprehensible nation-wrecking but ‘’election victory?’’ guaranteed depravity.

Them take Ankara do our people? What is it with Ankara, our people and election (manipulations) in Nigeria?

The PDP and APC are the chief devils that brought the Nigerian project to its very knees as it is today. Both parties have nothing to offer, no ideological standings, nothing tangible to make of power when and if eventually they get successfully, as it’s always the case, into POWER, yes, power, not office, the lots can’t draw the lines between the two of those.

They are both bereft of what a sane society can and should be. The same lunatics, avaricious elements and hooligans who peopled the former now call the shots at the latter. With the two political parties, Nigeria, as we know it, already a disaster, can only nosedive into oblivion twenty times faster. The roguery and brigandage gets more pronounced by the day. With the two noxious political parties, Nigeria stands no chance.

The hapless, helpless, hopeless and poverty-stricken people have long lost their sense of dignity, virtually any iota of rational thinking and just about every shreds of the

capacities to resist the recklessness of their tormentors long long ago rather, though regrettably, they embrace, worship, celebrate and hail them.

The communal spirit and culture of defending, aiding, abetting and enthusiastic kowtowing to the depravity and vileness of the of the failed leadership in all sectors in the country is incurably ingrained blindly and tumultuously in our people, either at the grassroots, the middle or elite leagues, each category with different kinds of ANKARA to buy their conscience, corrupt their morality, dent their principles on rational judgments, and denigrate their principled stances on the fatalities that unrighteousness portends.

These for the umpteenth time, can only be quashed when a revolutionary shows up. Only then. But until then, the worst of the APC and PDP is warming up.

Dapo Douglas-Momodu is a political affairs analyst and founder of DYNAMIC NATIONALISTS GROUP.

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