#RevolutionNow: You Cannot Change The System By Waiting To Be Invited To A Meeting- Sowore

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The presidential candidate of African Action Congress in the 2019 general elections and convener of the #RevolutionNow movement, Omoyele Sowore, has further stressed on the need to take up revolutionary actions in the fight against an oppressive system.

This he disclosed in a webinar event organised by OpinionSharers, a forum intended to engage youths on the Hope for a New Nigeria and RevolutionNow project.

According to the Human Right Activist, the current system cannot accommodate the majority in pivotal conversations and decisions that needs to happen; hence, the need to create and build a new system arises.

“There is no way the system, has presently composed, can sit down with you. The system was not designed to sit with you, but rather to pop over your head and impose its ideals on you whether you like it or not. So, you are faced with a system that does not make any provision for your ideas, ideals, ideology, or your philosophy.

What we have learned has an option is to organise and create our own system that allows for your own ideas, our ideas, and genuine desires and aspirations. And this is where the idea of Revolution emerged. We are not going to change this system by waiting to be invited to a meeting, even if they democratically decide to have a national or regional conference today.”

Citing on his exemption from the 2019 presidential debate, Sowore shoots at it as an attempt to silence his expressive views on the oppressive system. He, therefore, expounds on the revolutionary project as the only means to have an all-inclusive government.

Further disclosed in the virtual event, Sowore advocates for unity among the oppressed class. While he understands that some in their fundamental rights have chosen to watch from the sideline, he noted that some were quietly benefitting from the scheme of the oppressors. He, however, edges on unity as fundamental in achieving its revolutionary goals.

He picks on tribal division as an instrumental and profitable tool used by the ruling class to create continuous disunity among the masses and a means to part away with public funds.

“There is unity, but not one that exists in your interest. The unity is that of the ones that exist among the oppressors. When money or public funds is being looted, there is no Yoruba, Hausa, or Igbo among them. They don’t argue. It only becomes profitable for the ruling class to create this disunity among the masses. What we, therefore, need is the unity of the oppressed.”

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