#October 1st: Thousands Declare #RevolutionNow Protests in Over 30 Cities Around the Globe On Nigeria’s Independence Day

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Thousands of Nigerians around the world have declared #RevolutionNow protests to occupy the streets of the 36 states of Nigeria including the country’s capital, Abuja, and over 30 other cities around the world.

According to the conveners of the protests, they would be protesting against tyrannical leadership, oppression and corruption.

Protests will take place across Nigeria & Washington DC, New York, Tokyo, Johannesburg, London, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin

Protests will also rock Napoli. Accra. Perth, Beijing, Sidney, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Dublin, Nairobi, Kiev.

If your city is missing and you have up to 50 people available reach us at [email protected]

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