#October 1: What We Are Still Saying

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Sixty years after independence, life has continued to be terrible for the poor masses. But a few rich vagabonds in power, alongside their family and friends, continue to get richer. And now they just want to finish us with fuel price, electricity tariff, VAT, and all kind of taxes. This situation must be stopped!

Nigerian lawmakers are the richest anywhere in the world. 109 Senators receive N47bn and 360 members of the House of Representatives on their own part receive N108bn every year as their monthly emoluments! The presidency collects N241.8 billion as security vote. Governors, local government chairmen and many other executives also collect security votes. On top of all these, they still enrich themselves through corruption. According to EFCC, HEDA & Oxfam, these ogas at the top have stolen N267 trillion since 1960! In the last ten years alone, they have stolen N89trillion!

But to even pay the chicken change of N30,000 minimum wage for workers na wahala. Tens of thousands of workers have been sacked by many companies. Informal workplaces and houses are being destroyed. How do they want us to pay more for fuel, electricity etcetera? They want to kill us with sufferhead – we must fight back to defend our lives and the lives of our children born and yet unborn.

How can we change the situation? How can we stop this nonsense of monkey dey work, baboon dey chop? We must rise up and fight to win true independence of the masses and make sure our wealth is used by us to fulfil our own needs and not the greed of a few people.

That is why Coalition for Revolution (CORE) is calling you to join us for a national day of action on October 1.

Our demands are:

•  Immediate reversal of fuel pump price, electricity tariff and all anti-poor people policies

•  No elected or senior appointed public officer must earn more than the average worker

•  No more “pensions” for governors, lawmakers, and other elected public officials

•  Cancellation of security votes by the presidency, governors, LGA chairmen etc

•  Guaranteed decent work and income – unemployment benefit for those looking for jobs

•  Provision of cash grants and for poor traders, artisans, and other informal workers

•  Provision of decent housing and potable water for everybody – stop all demolitions

•  Free and qualitative public education and healthcare for all

We must unite & fight this battle for freedom. Join our Zoom meetings at 2:00pm on the 27th of September, 2020 for discussions on the October 1 national and global day of action. For more details, visit our Facebook page: Coalition for Revolution – CORE & twitter handle @CORE_RevolutionNow. The people united & determined cannot be defeated!

Tel/WhatsApp: +2347085601685, +2348118311882; Email: [email protected]

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