Nigerian Petitions UN To Sanction President Buhari For Sabotaging Democracy In Nigeria

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I write from the perspective of the Nigerian masses, as a patriotic and law-abiding citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria, I pray that the United Nations (U.N) treat this as a cry from a helpless Nigerian whose government has failed to cater for. The UN must, as a matter of urgency, rescue the helpless Nigerians from the maltreatment of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, especially as regards the need to resuscitate ‘Democracy’ which has been in danger since the emergence of the Buhari administration in 2015. 

Apparently,  Nigeria is now under the rule of an Autocrat. The president has demonstrated so many times both in speech and body language, how much he hates due process. As if the havoc he wrecked on the country when he was head of state between 1883-1885 wasn’t enough, it seems he missed the old wicked style as a military junta, because he now laments about how Democracy has been preventing him from taking some drastic and draconian actions against the interest of the Nigerian state and its people as he did in his first coming.

It is quite sad and unfortunate that while other countries of the world celebrates, promote and treasure freedom, peace and unity, the reverse is the case in my country. Democracy is largely viewed globally  today, as a modern tool for promoting and sustaining growth/development while Nigeria is sprinting backward in the opposite direction, just as its citizens beg for fairness and justice. 

Consequentially, a huge percentage of Nigerians now see migration as an escape. In a world that the International bodies are working vigorously to combat the challenges of migration, the federal government of Nigeria poses a threat to those efforts. Things are very bad that most Nigerians are more willing than ever before to escape whether legally or otherwise, not minding the risk.

It has now become a crime to express public opinion in a ‘so called’ democratic state. President Buhari is anti human rights and an agent of division. His policies of tribal sentiment is second to none. And please do not take my word for it. When you find out about his appointments, it favours over 85% of persons from his tribe. I understand and appreciate the fourth agenda of the United Nations which is to recognize the fundamental rights of all people. I equally believe that the people of Nigeria deserves to get the attention of the United Nations as no right is recognized anymore in Nigeria other than “the right remain silent.”

The 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria was written to recognize democracy and the fundamental human rights, but that purpose has been defeated by the current administration in flagrant display of their disdain for the rule of law. Be that as it may, the Buhari led government has successfully intimidated and discouraged the citizens from enjoying their freedom of thoughts and expression, which is against the principles of fundamental human rights. An average Nigerian is now left only with the bitter options of supporting the inhumane policies of the government, remain neutral or die in silence. And undoubtedly, it has fostered an apathy culture among the citizens.

In Nigeria today, the following are prohibited:
* Protest: As a Nigerian, one can not carry out a peaceful or non peaceful protest within Nigeria because of fear of persecution from government agencies. ‘Thanks’ to Gen. Buhari who sees Protest as a taboo which must not be exercised. Some notable activists have been harassed and arrested for conducting protest in Nigeria  such as: Omoyele Sowore, Adedeji Adeyanju and Olawale Bakare among many others. In the early part of August 2020, some Nigerians embarked on a Protest to express displeasure to the Buhari led government about insecurity, poor economy and the growing corruption within the government. The President in response, launched a rude, unprecedented, unfair, callous and disproportionate attack on the peaceful protesters through state security agencies. He deployed and instructed the military to embark on an unwarranted, unnecessary and senseless resistance against the people they ought to be protecting. 
* Expression of public opinion: It now appears that expression of public opinion is a capital offence under the Buhari administration.  Gen. Buhari Deploys the state security agencies  to punish such persons. As I write this letter, I know I might wake up to the military at my door the next day but I belong to the school of thoughts which believes that ‘when injustice becomes a law, resistance becomes a duty’.
* Rule of law: In Nigeria, there is only the supremacy of law over the poor/masses. But the lawmakers/government are way above the law. 

On this basis, I want to request that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari be penalized by the U.N so as to discourage such actions in other countries.

Also, I seek the immediate intervention of the United Nations on security of Nigerians. The first objective of the United Nations, states to maintain international peace and security. I therefore besiege that Nigeria should be assisted in this regard. There are several terrorists traumatizing the nation such as Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and several bandits. Although terrorism is a global challenge, the Nigerian government has not displayed serious commitment in fighting terrorism. In addition, there is another catastrophe that has struck many Christians in  Southern Kaduna and some other northern regions. Christians are being massacred by bandits claimed unknown. Again, the current government has not shown serious commitment to end that challenge.

It will be the pleasure of all Nigerians if response are obtained in this regards. Also, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for the parts played by the U.N in ensuring free and fair elections in Edo State. I want to request that such energy should also be channelled in the upcoming Ondo gubernatorial elections. I hope and believe that my request will be attended to and possible actions taken. On this note, I conclude with this phrase; An Injury to one is Injury to all – “Only One Earth”.

Ajiboye Amos Olakunle

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