Enough Is Enough- Lagosians Blast Tinubu, Oniru, Elegushi and Sanwoolu

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Lagos residents cry out over misgovernance, mismanagement of state funds, and destabilization of the state by the tetrad of former governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu; Oba Oniru, Oba Elegushi; and the incumbent governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwoolu over the agony faced on the abysmal policies and vicious actions imposed on residents and their businesses.

A resident Mr. Segun Adebayo said: “There’s a true saying that says a politician who steals is worse than a thief. He is a fool. With the grand opportunities all around for a man with a political pull, there’s no excuse for stealing a cent.”

“The Coronavirus pandemic affected the world in ways many never envisaged. In Lagos, Nigeria, the current Governor, his Godfather, and other executives have used the strangling period of the pandemic to further torment and strangle residents. Policemen have increased extortion on many roads, land planning groups have increased demolitions of legal properties and the government continues to create policies that benefit them to the detriment of millions.

“It started with the ban of Okadas (motorcycles) which resulted to approximately 20,000 residents losing their means of livelihood in February 2020. It got worse with no palliatives for residents despite the significant funding the government received nationwide and internationally. Furthermore, Governor Sanwoolu increased public transportation fares and many of his agencies such as LASAA have been harassing citizens for fees and taxes. In a state whereby many hundreds of businesses have shut down during the pandemic, there has been no financial break to residents but increased torment from the government”, he said.

Another resident, Mr. Tunde said: “Tinubu is known within the APC party as the party leader, said during a speech in August 2020, “The Federal Government gave the constitution, the Supreme Court gave the planning constitution to the government of Lagos State. If they decide, Lagos State decides that all your designs and everything you are talking of real estate value is for either drainage, canal ,and all of that thing and they start demolishing some of it, you can do nothing.

“This blatant threat to all citizens from a master demolisher and crime king, was spoken at the Coronation of a king who many say was Illegitimately installed by Tinubu and not legally a part of the royal family. Many allege Gbolahan Lawal was simply a former body guard of Tinubu not chosen by the kingmakers nor through customary rights. In Tinubu’s speech, it is evident that he has gotten away with establishing policies for his personal benefits for almost 2 decades”. He said.

A resident, Mr. Chinedu Okafor said; “Enough is Enough! Millions are yet to recover from the illegal demolishment and displacement of millions of citizens from estates in Lagos such as Ajah, Otodo Gbame, Ikorodu, Elegushi and many areas across the state over the past years. Yet the torment has continued into what can be regarded as the worst year of the century for many. Lagos State has a motto that believes land money is oil money. Their process to wealth is to steal, displace, demolish and recycle land at the expense of millions of innocent citizens. This has gone on for 2 decades or more. Enough. From Lagos Mainland, to Lagos Island, to Ikoyi, Ajah and many areas across the state, citizens have lost their valued properties to government demolitions and illegal takeovers”.

Another resident who lives in Ajah, Matthew Godwin, lamented recently that after his co-residents at New Era Estate struggled to gather funds to build roads and gates to secure their neighbourhood from armed robbery and other crimes, the government moved in to demolish without notice. “We had hoped that our self-effort will receive the commendation and support of the government, but contrary that, the government we look up to are the ones frustrating our spirited and selfless efforts in the bid to develop the estate”.

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