CORE Webinar On The Struggle For Total Liberation

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Working-class people fought against colonial domination. The 1945 COLA general strike; revolts by women in Aba, Delta and Abeokuta; mass mobilisation by the Zikist movement; and agitations by socialist revolutionaries were some of the moments of the masses struggle for liberation and against colonial exploitation.

On 1st October 1960, the British colonialists handed over an independence of the flag and national anthem to local capitalists. For sixty years, in khaki or agbada, in government and big business, these local exploiters have made life increasingly nasty and brutish for the poor masses.

The wealth our labour creates, and our natural resources are mercilessly exploited. The national treasury is looted with abandon – by 2015, not less than $2 trillion had been stolen from the national coffers since independence. Repression of our fundamental freedoms and rights have also continually been the order of the day. Police brutality, disregard for court rulings, dispersal of peaceful protests and illegal detentions now commonplace events.

The labour of our movement’s heroes’ past must not be in vain. Our generation owes them and generations yet to come as well as ourselves, the duty to fight for and win total liberation. This is the commitment of Coalition for Revolution (CORE).

Join us at the CORE webinar on “The Struggle for Total Liberation” by 2:00pm on Sunday 27th September to discuss this as we mobilise for a national/global protest to mark the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s flag independence.

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