CORE Condemns The Nigerian Government Over Violence On Protesters, Reject All Bans On Protest

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The Coalition for Revolution(CORE) has condemned the federal and states governments for unleashing of terror on protesters with security personnel and hired thugs.

In a statement released by the Coalition co-coveners, Baba Aye and Gbenga Komolafe, they assert that the government had resorted to unlawful acts as a means of repressing the peaceful nationwide protest, and thus unequivocally reject all bans on protests.

The statement partly reads: “For three weeks, the masses and particularly youths have shown those who misrule us that society could be run in another way, one based on solidarity and struggle.

“The #EndSARS struggle has evolved. Its peaceful and mass-based character has drawn worldwide support. And its demands have extended to questioning the government. This is a popular position across the country. It is impossible to reform the police of a reactionary regime and its bad government.

“Rebellion against an unjust regime is a duty. And 99% of Nigerians stand behind the protesters. The government would be stoking the embers of much more than rebellion if it goes further with its continued contempt for the people. The poor masses are fed up. There is mass anger in the land. Revolution is in the air. The regime might delay this, but it cannot stop it.

“We want a peaceful revolution. The #EndSARS protesters want their demands for an end to bad governance to be respected. Further armed attacks against the masses under any guise whatsoever will be a declaration of war by the government against the very people it claims to serve.

“All mass democratic and civic organisations must raise their voices loudly and clearly now in defense of the #EndSARS movement and against the repression of the protesters.

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In further support for solidarity, the movement calls on all members of the trade unions, working-class citizens, and other progressive forces to join in the struggle on the streets with a 48-hour general strike.

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