#BuhariMustGo: Buhari is Evidently Orchestrating Nigeria’s Fall.

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By Seyi Oyetunbi

A country rich in natural resources, blessed with innovative youths, technocrats, and world-class professionals is sadly positioned to be the world poverty capital. The most populous African country on the surface of the earth is laden with a total population of 105 million citizens living in abject poverty in spite of the milk and honey that flow through the Northern and Southern protectorates.

General Buhari

The problem of Nigeria is her leaders. This is a fact known by even non-Nigerians who had never visited the country. The gap of inequality between the rich and the poor in Nigeria is immeasurable, some people have too much while many live in emptiness. Nigerian leaders have an unimaginable penchant for advancing poverty for the led. It’s been from one failure of a leader to another disaster in government for Nigeria, noticeably since the inception of the fourth republic. When you may think every Nigerian leader is a failure, Buhari stood out to be a crisis that should never happen to any nation more than once.
Buhari campaigned, wept, and grew so dramatic for 12years only to be a “vandal” when given a chance right his past of despotic reign.

Nigeria has remained unlucky as far as leadership is concerned. But, the Buhari-led-administration has placed Nigeria on the path of retrogression, intensified the hardship of a common Nigerian, and left the country on autopilot.

If Nigeria needs a fresh breath, Buhari would need to be sacked. Buhari needs to go, he needs to leave the Office for a digital leader that bears the necessary skills to govern and manage resources. There’s not a single area Buhari has strived to make better.

An appraisal of Buhari’s government is the quickest way to be traumatized, as a Nigerian. He lacks the capacity to take the country to any lofty height. Aside from the honest truth that Buhari is a sadist, he is currently like an amputee privileged to have gotten a bicycle, which serves him no purpose due to his inability.

As both Head of State and a democratically elected president at different times, Buhari has proven to be a never-ready-leader who’s just privileged to have strong following and political popularity which are useful in a democracy where number allocates authoritative power. In a saner clime, with reasonable degree of participatory political culture, Buhari would be deemed unfit to run for the seat of Councillor; considering his intellectual and leadership capacity.

No matter the pressure to perform or exigencies of good governance, Buhari cannot out-perform his capacity.

A bottle of 1litre cannot house 10litres of water. Buhari cannot do more than what history has archived between 1983 – 1985. What we have to deal with today as a consequence of having Buhari at the center of government is an electoral blunder which of course is more painful than the coercion and imposition characterized by the military junta.

In the space of 5years, Buhari has run this country down to near-zero economic growth. I don’t know why we’re still keeping him to be at the top supervising the fall of Nigeria when we as a people have a duty to sack underperforming and or incompetent leaders. Thus, for this and other justifiable reasons, I agree Buhari Must Go!

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