An Open Letter to the National Association of Nigerian Students

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By Ajiboye Amos

I  cease this medium to nationally express great displeasure in the code and conducts of the National Association of Nigerian students.

The national association of Nigerian students is meant to foster care and protection of all students across the country in no matter condition, politics, religion, and others. The callousness of the present government of Nigeria is indeed a misery and as a matter of fact, it calls on all Nigerians, Associations, and unions to foster opposition as an agent of change.

It is assumed a great mistake that NANS foisted support for Buhari in 2015. Just as we all know, when mistakes are made, corrections should be the only saviour. If the leaders of NANS were eager to shove clueless support for this insipid government some years back, I believe the leaders of NANS should be at the forefront of amending that error now.

I want to appeal to the leaders of NANS to ensure they firmly stand behind Nigerian students and not the Nigerian government. No matter how big a brown envelope is, it’s not worth it when there is something important at stake. I’ll also want to remind the leaders of NANS of what happened with NBA. It should not repeat itself with NANS. But, it might happen if the leaders of NANS are blinded by envelopes and unable to see the plights of Nigerians in distress.

Back in the ’90s, NANS was a very mighty association that helped pull Nigeria together, the association was known of great unionism and activism. It is disappointing that the leaders of NANS today flag supports for an uncouth Government despite a National opposition.
Nigerians are expressing stern displeasure to the clueless Buhari led Government that has failed in all aspects. It is expected that NANS should be at the forefront of this struggle.

It is so illogical that NANS disassociated self from the planned struggle against hike in pump prices and other items, it is not only the Southwesterners that are affected, the whole country is and it is expected that NANS should stand with Nigeria and not against. I am using this medium to therefore challenge NANS to fix a date to showcase displeasure to this government. Nigerian students and all Nigerians are ready.

The future of Nigeria and Nigerians depends on what we do today. God bless Nigerian students, God bless Nigeria.

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